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Working together against counterfeiting and product piracy

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Tasks and goals

The road from an idea to the finished product is long. High investments in research, development and marketing are necessary. It is by no means guaranteed that a product will succeed on the market. At the same time, however, successful products are being copied ever more rapidly. Without effective protection, the investments in product development do not pay off. Innovative and creative companies strongly require adequate intellectual property protection. 

In the German Anti-Counterfeiting Association (Aktionskreis gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie e.V. or APM), well-known companies from a wide range of industries have been working since 1997 to create an environment that protects business and consumers from damage caused by counterfeits. 

APM is a joint initiative of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the German Brands Association (Markenverband). 

APM is active in various areas: 


APM promotes networking, the exchange of information and experience between the affected companies, but also with other stakeholders and intermediaries, e.g. with regard to tools and strategies against counterfeiting and product piracy. The members see themselves as partners in the fight against counterfeiting, so that information is exchanged quickly, risks are identified at an early stage and solutions are discussed.

Exchange of experience between business, politics and administration

APM advocates a legal framework that allows effective enforcement of industrial property rights in cases of product piracy. It maintains a regular dialog with the relevant public bodies regarding current developments and generally works to ensure that issues relating intellectual property protection are given a higher priority in the administration and in the political debate.


APM informs about the consequences of counterfeiting and product piracy and raises public and consumer awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property. Various projects highlight the cross-sectoral and social relevance of this issue.

The path from the idea to the finished product is long and complex. A wide range of tests are necessary before a product is ready for the market.

There is no guarantee that a product will succeed on the market. Innovation cycles are becoming shorter, and products are being copied after only a short time. Without effective protection, it is not worth investing in product development. Innovative and creative companies are therefore dependent on this protection.

Product piracy is the prohibited copying and reproduction of goods for which the legitimate manufacturers hold invention rights, design rights and process rights.

Trademark piracy is the illegal use of signs, names, logos (trademarks) and business designations used by brand manufacturers to identify their products in commerce. (Source: www.zoll.de)

Intellectual property and its protection are particularly important for Germany as a country poor in raw materials, as a country of poets and thinkers, as an export world champion, as a country of “hidden champions”. Germany is particularly dependent on the creativity and inventiveness of its companies.

According to a survey of 800 companies by the communications agency fischer appelt, innovative strength, inventiveness, research and development are the most frequently cited qualities for surviving crises.

But what incentives does a company have to invest in R&D if its developments and innovations are not protected?

That is why respect for intellectual property is indispensable. Intellectual property ensures competitiveness and progress. Intellectual property is the capital of a knowledge-based and future-oriented society.


Well-known companies from a wide range of industries are involved in APM to combat counterfeiting.

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Our members are committed companies who, as owners of industrial property rights, actively support the protection of intellectual property.
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Statutes of the "Aktionskreis gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie e. V." (German Anti-Counterfeiting Association)

The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the Markenverband initiated the founding of the “Aktionskreis gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie e.V. (APM)” in 1997.