APM traveling exhibition

"Beautiful appearance. Dark shadow"

On the road in Germany for over 10 years.

Beautiful appearance -
Dark shadow

The APM traveling exhibition “Schöner Schein – Dunkler Schatten” informs consumers about product and brand piracy.

The exhibition uses vivid examples to illustrate the extent to which companies are affected.

Various exhibits from a wide range of product groups will be on display.
Theme walls explain the causes and consequences of intellectual property infringement in an informative and engaging way.

For more than 10 years, the exhibition has been on the road at over 100 locations in many shopping centers throughout Germany. It has also already made a stop at the European Parliament.

If you would like to present the exhibition in your house and have any questions, please contact us – we will be happy to inform you.

Statement by the former Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection Dr. Katarina Barley on assuming patronage of the traveling exhibition “Schöner Schein. Dark shadow” of the action group against product and brand piracy

“Product and brand piracy is a growing problem. Trade in counterfeit products damages the German economy to a considerable extent and endangers jobs. However, product and brand piracy also poses risks for consumers; after all, counterfeit products can have significant quality and safety defects.

The diversification of distribution channels and more professional imitation also increases the risk of unknowingly acquiring a counterfeit product. Increasing online trade in particular increases the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

Against this background, raising awareness of this problem is important.

With its exhibition “Schöner Schein. Dark Shadow” makes an important contribution to enlightenment. Using practical examples and background information, this illustrates how consumers are deceived and companies are harmed. It therefore always receives full support.”